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888 980-2247  3108 Azahar Street La Costa, CA
...Serenity Harbor elder care – a different kind of Carlsbad assisted living facility.  Our two exemplary homes have been a La Costa community resource for more than 23 years, managed beyond exacting requirements.   Our state licensed well trained, tenured staff ensures loving elderly residential care that reflects comfort, support and  esteem enhancement .
Our home policies reflect infrastructure of professionalism.  Our philosophy and client centered program design are based on  "involvement" vs. institutionalized entertainment .

Procedures focus on caregivers "doing with" rather than "doing for" residents.

Activities (such as those designed to strengthen muscles, improve or maintain joint flexibility, ingest the power of words through singing, etc.) are structured to enable staff to promote resident involvement at whatever level is available at that time.

The environment in our elderly residential care center  is peaceful, comfortable and most importantly, a safe haven. We provide the care your loved one needs in a beautiful location, with  all the touches of home including nutritious meals, stimulating activities and nurturing companionship .

Base rate for residency is $126 per day, adjusted as dictated by preadmission assessment of cognitive, physical and functional abilities, which dictates how much professional staff time will be needed for quality care.  Call for a preliminary assessment.

Recommended by current and former families (ask for references), staff, doctors, conservators, UCSD staff, home health agencies, social workers, religious organizations, hospice
companies and fellow care providers.

If your loved one is in need of care due to an illness, advanced age or dementia, assisted living could be the answer .
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Residential Elderly Care You Can Trust - Serenity Harbor